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About Resysta

Resysta offers the warmth and feel of wood, but it also embodies the sustainability and wearability that natural hardwoods like IPE or Teak lack. Resysta also stands apart from wood composites because it is a bio-based wood substitute. One touch demonstrates the difference. It’s Resysta.


Resysta takes agricultural waste and transforms it into a durable building product with many applications. Approximately 60% (by volume) of the proprietary formula is rice husks, a rapidly renewable resource in great supply. Calcium carbonate and synthetic plastic polymer combined with the ARF (Active Resysta Filler) at extremely high temperatures yield a product that can be formed to almost any shape or size. Resysta qualifies for third party sustainability certifications based on its renewable resource content and being 100% recyclable in the manufacturing process and after many years of use. Resysta does NOT contain any wood and therefore does not contribute to deforestation. Resysta can be finished with over 30 beautiful water-based stains and sealed to assure color durability.

Long Lasting

Have you seen any 10-year-old wood decks lately? Resysta Decking does not crack, splinter or rot. Insects don’t like Resysta material either, so it withstands pest infestation or fungal decay. It is also water resistant, even against saltwater, so its lifespan is considerably longer than wood. Sun, rain, hail, snow and extreme temperatures have minimal impact on Resysta, making it a great choice for any environment in the world. The surface is also slip-resistant.

Easy Care

Unlike its composite counterparts, spot damage on Resysta can be repaired. Any other man made composite product needs to be replaced. Resysta, instead can be sanded, stained and sealed, just like wood. Exceptional durability combined with easy maintenance makes Resysta ownership easy.


The longest list of product attributes means nothing, if the look and feel is all wrong. Resysta’s biggest selling point is aesthetics. This opinion is shared by thousands of architects, designers and home owners who were introduced to Resysta. The material components and extruding process result in a product that is virtually indistinguishable from the tropical hardwoods which are popular in architectural compositions nowadays. Typical applications of Resysta are decking, siding and facades, but it’s well-suited for windows, paneling, shutters, fencing and outdoor furniture. The possibilities are unlimited.



Like wood with wood processing machines: Cutting, milling, drilling, sanding, gluing and screwing

Surface Treatment

Applying original Resysta Stain and Sealer or ordering pre-stained material


Resysta is sophisticated as far as its look is concerned, but not very demanding in maintenance. The fiber reinforce hybrid material is absolutely water resistant. Therefore, cracks and splinters are a thing of the past. Also insects and fungi cannot harm Resysta. In terms of maintaining Resysta, the most important thing is: lean back and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Resysta can be installed as easy as any other terrace system. Please see instructions provided in our installation guide.

Owing to its unique composition of ingredients, Resysta is very durable, sustainable and therefore environment-friendly.

Resysta does not contain any wood components, which could result in rotting and splintering.

Resysta on the one hand does not absorb moisture and on the other hand does not release any moisture. Therefore, crack-formation cannot take place and dimensional changes are limited to thermal expansion.

Resysta will not gray. In the course of time – depending on environmental conditions – it may, however, become lighter in color. This can be avoided by staining – the color tends to intensify.

Resysta can be ordered‚ raw‘ (unfinished) or pre-stained/sealed (highly recommended). Stain and Sealer are available for those occasions where the product will be finished on-site.

No. As water cannot be absorbed, paint chipping and weathering like with wood cannot occur.

Please see the care instructions.

Yes, as Resysta is chlorine- and salt-water resistant. Furthermore Resysta offers best skid-resistance and is therefore perfectly suitable for wet areas.