Care and Cleaning

Resysta surface treatment and maintenance


Finishing of the sealing in case of external mechanical damages is possible and recommended for aesthetic reasons only.

For general cleaning of the surface

Dawn dishwashing liquid and water should remove most surface dirt.


Special care is not necessary, except for cleaning. In the case of harsher than normal wear or damage to the surface it can be lightly sanded and refinished using the RCP Primer and RCL Stain.

General Recommendation

  • We recommend a yearly inspection of the facade for damages.
  • Resysta RBP and Resysta RCL were especially developed for RESYSTA material and are perfectly adapted for this material.
  • Only these surface treatments may be employed exclusively.
  • Since soiling can occur, especially in areas exposed to direct spray-water and in the gable area, these surface areas should be sealed with Resysta RCL.