Sustainable Award for Resysta

Sustainable Award for Resysta

Munich. Resysta won this year’s Green Product Award in the architectural category thanks to its resemblance to natural wood and 100% water resistance. The judges were pleased by the material’s comprehensive and ecological design.


Since 2013, the Green Product Award has recognized products with creative and sustainable designs that encourage sustainable consumption. Over 400 producers and designers from 25 countries took part in 2018. A specialized jury carefully assesses every submission based on design, creativity, and sustainability. Resysta is distinguished by its innovative recycling network and its utilization of local resources and waste materials in its production process. It is possible to create new items from existing ones thanks to this network.


Beginning on July 17th, consumers could choose their favorite product from roughly 100 choices over four weeks at

Resysta: Better Than Organic Wood

Because of its unique surface sanding, Resysta products look and feel like tropical woods. They perform better than natural wood in many ways while having a cozy, inviting feel. Because of its longevity and low care requirements, Resysta is 100% water- and fade-resistant, easy to work with like wood, and more cost-effective. Resysta products are suitable for use aboard cruise ships since they are non-slip, resistant to salt water and chlorine, and ideal for wet areas such as spas, terraces, pool areas, and garden and facade structures.

Resysta Concept: Widely Acknowledged

Resysta International GmbH minimizes transportation needs by sourcing raw materials, such as rock salt, mineral oil, and rice husk, locally and worldwide. Major industrial companies such as Ineos (Europe), Reliance (India), and Agio (China) are among those to which the corporation licenses output. These businesses then provide the raw materials to regional companies so they may produce goods tailored to the needs of the region’s consumers. Examples of these items include ship decks, decking, and facade elements.


Resysta International has established a recycling consortium with the makers of Resysta products to create a recycling cycle. Participating companies commit to recycling production leftovers like cuts or sanding dust and recover market dregs for reintroduction into the production process.

The Green Product Award is an annual global competition for revolutionary, environmentally friendly items and services in the following categories: consumer goods, mobility, consumer goods, architecture, working environment, energy, electronics, fashion, research, freestyle, children, and furniture and home accessories. The award targets both established businesses and startups.


The award’s goal is to compile a list of eco-friendly alternatives so that users and customers can switch out their previous goods with better, eco-friendly ones. Over 40 countries have submitted entries to the competition since 2013. More than 600.000 people have seen the exhibitions since they were first displayed at major trade shows and design festivals.