Enhance Your Outdoor Living with Resysta Composite Decking in Singapore

Transform your outdoor living with Resysta Decking, a quality deck flooring solution in Singapore. This decking material elevates any outdoor space and is perfect for those seeking a blend of durability and natural beauty. If you’ve been considering outdoor composite decking, Resysta is an alternative that fits various outdoor decking needs, from patios to cozy balcony decking. Discover why top composite decking brands cannot compare to the Resysta advantage.

About Resysta Decking

Resysta decking presents a unique composite alternative to traditional hardwood and timber decks. This product combines wood’s natural beauty with composites’ toughness, making it an ideal solution for practical outdoor flooring. This decking material was made with an innovative blend of rice husks, common salt, and mineral oil, which copies the look and feel of natural wood without the downsides. Its wood-like appearance fits into various architectural styles while offering enhanced longevity composite decking vs timber decks.

Resysta Decking Properties

The outstanding features of Resysta cladding underscore its excellence. With its natural look and feel, Resysta decking combines functionality and design.

100% Wood Free

Crafted from a wood-free composite, Resysta delivers the beauty of wood without the negative environmental impact.

Water Resistant

Engineered to withstand moisture, Resysta ensures longevity and maintains its integrity in wet conditions.

UV Resistant

Its UV-resistant properties protect the decking from fading and damage caused by prolonged sun exposure.

No Graying

Resysta maintains its colour over time, avoiding the greying effect often seen in wood decks

No Splintering

The smooth, consistent surface of Resysta eliminates the risk of splinters, ensuring a safe and comfortable outdoor experience.

No Cracks and Swelling

Designed to resist cracking and swelling, Resysta remains stable and intact through varying weather conditions.

No Pest Infestation or Fungal Decay

The product is impervious to pests and fungi, making it a durable choice for long-term external use.

Fire Resistant

Offering enhanced safety, Resysta is fire resistant, adding an extra coating of defense for your property.

Solid Structure for Decking

A solid structure for decking was built upon a sturdy and well-constructed frame, usually made from pressure-treated lumber or composite materials for long-lasting strength. The foundation should be anchored with concrete footings or deck piers, ensuring stability and resistance to shifting ground. Joists spaced at appropriate intervals support the decking boards, preventing sagging and warping over time. Decking boards should be selected for their resistance to weather, insects, and rot, with options like treated wood, cedar, composite, or PVC being popular. Finally, proper drainage and ventilation are crucial to prevent moisture buildup, extending the life and maintaining the integrity of the deck structure. Resysta makes the best composite decking for full-sun and changing weather conditions.

Resysta's Natural Wood-Like Decking

Resysta’s natural wood-like appearance brings the beauty and many benefits of composite decking like traditional wood. Its realistic wood grain appearance rivals natural timber decks, offering an aesthetic appeal that enhances any outdoor area. The decking’s ability to mimic wood allows for various design options. Unlike natural timber products, Resysta decking is splinter-free and safe for bare feet, perfect for families and outdoor activities. Its fade-resistant color technology ensures the deck retains its beauty over time, free from the usual wear and tear in wood decks. Furthermore, the eco-friendly nature of Resysta decking, made from renewable resources, provides a guilt-free, real wood decking experience.

Our Projects

Residential Projects

Resysta decking is popular in residential projects due to its appeal and practicality. Homeowners appreciate its similarity to natural timber wood decking, providing luxurious and inviting outdoor areas.

Commercial Projects

The resilience and aesthetic versatility of Resysta decking are invaluable for commercial projects. It can withstand high foot traffic in public areas like hotels, restaurants, and other commercial outdoor spaces.

Why Resysta Composite Decking

Opting for Resysta decking in Singapore means embracing a blend of durability and elegance. Its composite structure withstands harsh weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting deck without frequent maintenance. Resysta’s termite-resistant properties end concerns typical of natural timber products. The deck’s splinter-free surface offers safety and comfort for outdoor usage, making it an ideal choice for families. Its easy installation and low maintenance requirements save time and effort, providing a cost-effective, cheap patio decking solution. Moreover, its environmental sustainability appeals to eco-conscious homeowners looking for the best outdoor decking. Contact us now

Shop Decking Colours

Resyta offers various color options to suit any style or preference. From vibrant hues to classic tones, there’s a perfect color for every project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Decking is used for various outdoor purposes, such as creating patios, decks, and walkways, and it serves as an attractive and practical extension of living spaces. It’s popular in gardens and backyards for hosting gatherings, relaxing, or as an area for outdoor dining and leisure activities. Decking provides a sturdy, level surface in outdoor areas, enhancing the space’s functionality and aesthetics.

Decking refers to constructing a flat, structural surface elevated from the ground, often attached to a building. It’s an outdoor space designed to withstand outdoor conditions like a patio or terrace. Decking in construction involves careful planning of layout, material choice, and installation techniques to ensure high durability and safety.

A deck board is a long, flat timber or composite material used to construct decks and similar structures. These boards were built side by side to create the deck’s surface, usually fastened to a frame underneath. Deck boards come in various sizes, colors, and materials, each chosen for durability, appearance, and maintenance requirements.

Decking wood was made from various materials, each chosen for its toughness, appearance, and resistance to outdoor elements. Common materials include natural woods like cedar, redwood, or pressure-treated pine, known for their natural resistance to decay and insects. Composite decking, made from wood fibers and plastics, is famous for its low maintenance and long lifespan.

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