Resysta Screen Wall Transforming Spaces with Sustainable Elegance

Resysta screen walls are revolutionizing interior and exterior spaces. These products offer a unique blend of privacy and style, perfect for any landscape. Their versatility extends from vertical structures to outdoor environments, creating an impactful visual statement. These screen walls enhance spaces with their innovative design and functional benefits. They are ideal for anyone looking to transform their space with a modern, stylish screen wall.

What is a Screen Wall?

A screen wall in building architecture is non-load-bearing and often used for aesthetic, privacy, or partitioning purposes. These walls can be external or internal and are typically made from glass, wood, metal, or composite panels. Screen walls are trendy in modern architecture because they provide visual interest, light diffusion, and airflow while maintaining separation. Residential and commercial buildings often use them to create distinct spaces without solid, opaque walls. Additionally, screen walls can serve as decorative elements, enhancing the overall design and appeal of a building.

About Resysta Screen Wall

Resysta screen walls are more than just a panel; they are a statement in sustainable architecture. These walls are crafted for beauty and resilience, fitting seamlessly into any interior or exterior design. The thickness and size of each screen wall panel are carefully designed to provide optimal support and durability. These screen walls embody the perfect harmony of form and function, making them a top choice for architects and designers.

Resysta Screen Wall Properties

Explore the new exterior solutions, offering environmental friendliness and unparalleled durability.

100% Wood Free

This product offers a natural wood-like appearance without the environmental impact of timber.

Water Resistant

Designed for exceptional moisture resistance, it ensures lasting performance in various weather conditions.

UV Resistant

Its robust composition withstands prolonged sun exposure, maintaining its appearance and integrity.

No Graying

The material retains its vibrant color over time, avoiding the typical fading associated with natural wood.

No Splintering

Safe and user-friendly, it remains splinter-free, ideal for frequently used outdoor spaces.

No Cracks and Swelling

Specially formulated to resist the usual expansion and contraction that leads to cracks and swelling in traditional materials.

No Pest Infestation or Fungal Decay

Enjoy a low-maintenance option resistant to pests and decay, ensuring long-term reliability.

Fire Resistant

Enhances safety with a composition less prone to fire, adding a significant layer of protection for any setting.

Why Resysta Screen Walls

Resysta screen walls are the ultimate choice for any project. They are easy to install, adaptable in size and thickness, and perfect for creating a private outdoor or cozy interior space. Our screen walls stand the test of time, resistant to various weather conditions. They support your vision, adding a unique aesthetic to any landscape. Choose Resysta for a screen wall solution that combines functionality with style.

Easy Installation

Installing Resysta screen walls is a straightforward process. Their design allows for quick and easy installation, minimizing disruption to your space. The panels are engineered for seamless integration, ensuring a perfect fit every time. The lightweight yet sturdy structure makes handling and mounting effortless. You can transform your space with these elegant screen walls without extensive support or complex tools.

Our Projects

Residential Project

Resysta screen walls bring modern elegance to residential areas, blending effortlessly with the home's overall design.

Commercial Project

Resysta screen walls add a sophisticated and contemporary touch, enhancing the aesthetic of any professional space.

Shop Colors

Find the perfect color for your Resysta screen wall to match your unique style and enhance your space’s overall look.

Frequently Asked Questions

A screen wall is a non-load-bearing wall, typically used for aesthetic or functional purposes, separate from the main structural walls of a building. These walls often divide or enclose spaces, allowing light and air to pass through. Depending on the architectural design and purpose, they can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, glass, or concrete.

Screen walls offer several benefits: they enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building, provide security while maintaining an open feel, and allow natural light and ventilation. They can also serve as a decorative feature, adding character and style to the exterior and interior spaces. Screen walls also offer flexibility in design, enabling architects to create unique and functional spaces.

The primary function of a screen wall is to provide a partition or barrier without bearing any structural load, often used for privacy or as an embellishment. It is designed to allow light and air to pass through, helping to maintain a connection with the surrounding environment. Screen walls can also function as noise barriers, reducing sound transmission in specific settings.

A concrete screen wall is a type of screen wall that is made from concrete, known for its durability, strength, and low maintenance. These walls are often used in residential and commercial settings for aesthetic purposes, privacy, and security. Concrete screen walls can be precast with various patterns and designs, offering a property’s functional and decorative benefits.

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